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A Note from Robbin VanDeusen

Several years ago I was looking for an in-depth Bible study to be used without having to purchase a "book" each time I wanted to start a new study. I found some study helps on the internet and with some help from some friends, we created this simple method of study. It can be used individually, with a men's group, a ladies' group, or with a mixed group which is what we often do at Calvary Chapel Hoke. It works with any section of scripture you decide, (but I like a half of a chapter or one full chapter). I have used it with people of all ages; with people who are inexperienced with Bible study and with seasoned Bible students. The best thing about this method is that it does not require the students to spend hours and hours of homework each week. Of course, the more you put into the study, the more you get out of the study.

The Bible Study Chapter Method Simplified

Main part for ALL the various studies

The Bible Study Outline

Needed for ALL studies, and for each chapter of study

Bible Study Schedule

Spring 2024

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